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Standing orders; not just a commercial boat thing

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You should have called the skipper earlier than this

Little understood and rarely used in coastal or offshore yacht passages are Master's standing orders. In short, they are a set of written instructions on how to navigate the vessel and the circumstances in which the crew are to call or wake the Master.

Below are the standing orders I use when delivering yachts on the Australian coast. They vary from the orders of a large power driven vessel to take into consideration the differences of sailing vessels.

Standing orders for Australian Yacht Deliveries

  • The vessel is to be navigated with all due care and within the IRPCS.

  • A look out must be kept at all times.

  • The vessel's position must be plotted on the chart at a minimum of every 2 hours, more often in close quarters.

Call the Master if:

  • You change course by more than 15 degrees.

  • See a vessel and are unsure if a risk of collision exists.

  • See a navigation light you did not expect to see or don't see one you should have.

  • See a depth sounding that varies more than 10% from the charted depth.

  • If the wind or wave height increases by more than 25% (ie the need to reef sails)

  • If you feel unsure of any situation

Call the Master early to allow time to wake up and take appraisal of the situation.

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