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Are all boat brokers the same?

motor yacht
A yacht purchase can be a pleasure or a pain.

No. A good boat broker will make a world of difference to both the sale or purchase of your next vessel. Remember, the broker is paid by the vendor and has the seller's best interests in their list of priorities. This does not make them your enemy if you are the purchaser but it does mean you should keep this in mind during your dealings.

There are some very professional and knowledgeable brokers out there and there are some real cowboys too. Below is our check list.

1. Check the broker's website. Is it professional looking? Are the email addresses Do the listings make you want to buy? Good quality photos?

Descriptions that show they know boats?

2. Communication. How do they answer the phone? Emails? Do they respond quickly and answer the questions you asked or do they ignore your questions and go straight for the hard sell?

3. Presentation. of their offices, boats and sales team. It is time that boat brokers lost the grotty yachty image and took a leaf from the real estate sales industry.

4. Do they take you or your boat seriously? All vessels are different and a broker who does not take the time to listen to you and learn about you and your needs will not be able to sell your boat or show you the boats you want to buy.

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