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During COVID-19 restrictions Australian Yacht Deliveries will be available for domestic Australian deliveries only.

All travel and social distancing rules will be observed. All AYD crew are triple vaccinated.

Australian Yacht Deliveries

Your East Coast yacht delivery experts


Learn About Us

The professional vessel delivery team

Australian Yacht Deliveries has been offering first-class vessel deliveries, training and pre purchase inspections since 2001. We offer delivery of private and commercial vessels 12 to 80 metres in length Australia wide.

We specialise in east coast deliveries.

At its core is the team of Gary Hughes and Katherine Sellers.
We are joined by a team of professional and amateur crew as required.
Australian Yacht Deliveries will deliver your vessel on time, on budget and in the condition you expect. We are also happy for owners to join the delivery trip and offer onboard training.
Because we are commercial mariners, your insurance company will extend cover for the delivery.


Our Services

Our fees are based on travel expenses ($1500 to $3500) for 2 or more people and a per nautical mile fee of ($3.50 to $6.00) dependent on vessel type, size and speed. For example, on a recent delivery of a 13 metre sailing yacht from Bowen to Gold Coast, a trip of 600nm, we took 5 days and it cost the owner $4950 with fees, airfares and all expenses excluding fuel which was only an additional $170. 


We offer a repair rate from $550 per day if your vessel needs work to be safe.


We also offer professional maritime services and training from $550 per day plus travel.



Luxury Motor Yacht

Motor Yacht deliveries

Sailing Race

Sail Yacht deliveries

Commercial Vessel deliveries

Commercial Vessel deliveries